Achilles tendonitis treatment

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Although some athletes, particularly those that participate in sports which involve jumping such as tennis, football and basketball, are at risk it's not just sports athletes that can develop this condition.

Anyone who has been fairly inactive and is just starting out on an exercise programme and women who wear high-heeled shoes everyday are also prone to this problem.

By using proven deep, stimulating massage techniques remedial massage therapy is an effective form of achilles tendon treatment - helping to relieve stresses in the muscles, inflammation and pain.

Achilles tendonitis treatment

Massage has been used for many thousands of years as a manipulative treatment for people suffering from muscular, joint and stress related problems.

By using a combination of remedial massage and a home programme of specific stretches and/or range of movement exercises, our treatment aims are to:

  • Restore mobility to injured muscles and tendons
  • Reduce pain, inflammation and tenderness
  • Shorten recovery period
  • Improve circulation
  • Aid rehabilitation

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    achilles tendonitis

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